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About us

 Welcome to our Internet shop HoloShop.ru.

The shop is an online service of our holography studio, located in Orel, Russia. Our business is making artistic laser holograms - one of the most amazing inventions of science and technology. Our studio has all needed equipment for mass production of artistic holograms. We deal only with artistic holograms, that is why if you need security holographic labels or documents blanks, we can't help you.

You can find more information on what is hologram on page "About holography".

All holograms, sold in our shop, are made by us, so, if some hologram is currently out of stock - feel free to contact us and we'll make it for you. If you want to order custom holograms, please contact us to discuss details.

If you are interested in holography and have some ideas or suggestions, contact us, we are open for cooperation.


We accept major banking cards from our foreign customers (choose INTERKASSA payment method). International orders are shipped by Russian Post international airmail. See our FAQ page for details.

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